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What Would Love Do Int'l and the What Would Love Do Foundation are offering BE THE CHANGE MICRO-GRANTS to individuals based on online written submissions that exemplify love in action. Who can apply? Anyone! Your grant is unrestrictive. You may win a grant by submitting your application based on the criteria found in one of three categories below. The amount of grants awarded each month varies depending on the number of applications and available funding. Together, we are building a better world!

Apply for your grant today!
NEWS - What Would Love Do Int'l announces the largest grassroots effort in history to launch a new trickle-up economy in partnership with the What Would Love Do Foundation. BE THE CHANGE GRANTS will be awarded to those who make a difference in the world beginning January, 2015.
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WWLD COMMUNITY - Meet winners, share your story, keep up to date with the latest news, press, and announcements. Please follow us on social media and join our new free WWLD Grassroots Global Community as we build a better world one story and one heart at a time. This is how we embody the change we wish to see in the world!  
WINNERS - What Would Love Do Int'l BE THE CHANGE GRANT winners will be invited to share their story with the world as part of the Awakening the Miraculous in You™ book series to be published by In the Garden Publishing, available in print and e-book. Check back with this website or subscribe to our e-newsletter for more information.



  1. It’s easy to apply for a Be the Change Grant. Don't worry about being a professional writer or English as a second language. Write your love story from the heart. Feel free to share your thoughts openly. Please to be as specific and descriptive as possible.

  2. Pay it forward $7 to self-fund the new trickle-up economy. You may apply for grants as many times as you like or simply fund a grant we will give in your name.

  3. Grant Winners may choose to be featured on AwakeningLeader. org. Whether or not you apply for or win a grant, join with people like you who are making a difference in the world.

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What Would Love Do Int'l is a multi-media company shaped and supported by you. Embodying the WWLD® message at the grassroots level, we understand that love, as unity consciousness, empowers each one of us to work and play together joyfully and cooperatively in our local and global community.

WWLDI and WWLDF feel recognizing ordinary individuals who make a difference in the world is a great way to be the change we wish to see. In turn, your support of this website allows WWLDF to create programs and media content educating the world that the foundation of lasting world peace begins by ensuring every man, woman, and child has easy access to basic food, water, shelter, healthcare, and education, as first priority. Together, we are creating a new trickle-up economy in service of all humanity.




Can I really get a BE THE CHANGE GRANT on the Internet?
Yes! Not everyone wants to run a non-profit, but given the opportunity, most of us wish to make a difference in the lives of others. It really doesn't take much at all to make a significant impact. Offering your time, labor, and wisdom are free. Imagine what adding a micro-grant could do for so many collectively!  You’ll pay it forward a few bucks to self-fund the new trickle-up economy and take the time to share your love story.  Read on to find out more about who we are, what we do, and how it works!
How do you pick the BE THE CHANGE GRANT winner?
It’s pretty simple.  We go through the grant submissions each week and select finalists.  There is no set number of finalists.  If an application stands out, we consider that person as a finalist.  At the end of the month (or date listed), we discuss all the finalists and vote to determine a winner.
May I apply more than once?
  Yes! Most people have many stories of love in action to share.
Why do you charge a $7 application fee?
By paying it forward, you make the grant and operation of the site (including reviewing each application) possible. This is how we create trickle-up.
How many applications do you get per month?
It depends.  When we have months with higher numbers of applications, we give out more grant money to multiple grant winners.  In the rare event that we do not reach the minimum number of applicants required for that month, we'll extend the selection process into an additional month.
Who does the voting?
  Our What Would Love Do Int'l Advisory Board, and Guest Editors as needed.
What types of individuals do you select as winners?
There is no one “type” that we focus on as we seek diversity.
Are non-profits eligible for the BE THE CHANGE GRANT?
  Currently, we only offer grants to individuals, however you may be involved with a non-profit.
What criteria do you use to select a winner?
We’re looking for a great story and a lot of passion.  Simple, but powerful stuff. People who believe in what they’re doing tend to make us believe in it, too. 
Is the BE THE CHANGE GRANT only for US-based residents?
Grants are available in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. only at this time.
How are the BE THE CHANGE GRANT issued?
Up to five finalists are announced. Within one week, the winner is announced. Payments are issued via PayPal or cashier's check within five business days of the winner's announcement in USD only.
How old do I have to be to apply for a BE THE CHANGE GRANT?
  You must be 18 years or older to apply.
Do you publicly announce finalists and winners?
Yes, we do announce finalists and winners on social media and this website.

Meet the Advisory Board

Christine HornerChristine Horner is the founder of What Would Love Do Int'l, WWLDF, and a 2014 Dayton Literary Peace Prize nominated author. www.ChristineHorner.com
William MetcalfWilliam Metcalf is a publicist for In the Garden Publishing and the co-founder of WWLDF.
Guest EditorsGuest Editors will be joining us to read your love stories. We can't wait to read them!

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