“Synchronistically, if you’re reading this now, it is because it’s time for you to discover your inner genius and fulfill your unique co-creative role.”
~ Awakening Leadership







The What Would Love Do Foundation empowers creative people committed to being the change they wish to see in the world for the purpose of creating an abundant New Earth.

Rather than band-aid negative outcomes created by outdated institutional models; WWLDF seeks to support systemic change so that “charity” becomes obsolete. WWLDF does this by empowering the individual to work cooperatively within and as the collective via unity consciousness to create a sustainable regenerative society that benefits the individual, all of humanity, and the planet we live on.

In addition to educational content that teaches Sustainability as the New Golden Rule, Foundation programs work to support the universal affirmation of the Global Humanity New Earth Declaration, calling for the establishment of fair and easy access to basic shelter, food, water, healthcare, and education as human rights as a basis toward creating a peaceful world via the New Leadership Blueprint.


The human species is struggling to evolve beyond outdated belief systems that are no longer serving us. This has occurred as a result of shifts in planetary conditions, scientific discoveries, technological advances, and the expansion of human consciousness.

Currently, technology has surpassed human maturity as we continue to believe we are separate from one another and separate from our environment. This is our watershed moment as many of our social systems break down and our planet is threatened. We must evolve beyond separation consciousness for our continued survival.

United we stand, divided we fall applies globally, not just nationally, as the very fabric of all of life. Each one of us contributes to the unique tapestry that is this planet, our planet a thread in the tapestry of the Universe. However, macro-collectivism thrives only when micro-individualism is respected as a complementary life force. It is then seen that individual “sacrifice” is unnecessary as both the micro and macro benefit from the same interdependent and self-sustaining co-creative synergistic forces.


The What Would Love Do Foundation understands that love as unity consciousness in action is the only authentic power there is that mirrors Creation’s inbuilt mechanism of perpetuity. When we work together cooperatively rather than in competition, we create healthy local and global communities and ecosystems.

To this end, WWLDF has authored the Global Humanity New Earth Declaration in recognition of an abundant New Earth when we honor and exemplify heart-centered right action mirroring Natural Design.

The What Would Love Do Foundation is birthing a new reality on a grassroots level by creating self-sustainable conscious communities and hubs online and on the ground.


You are an everyday hero when you give your time, your wisdom, your fresh insights, and materially in service to humanity. YOU are making an investment toward building a better world which you directly impacts YOU! You’ve learned it’s about being the change you wish to see in world, instead of expecting somebody else to do it for you.

Your participation allows us to come together to create community, educational content, and fund grants that build a peaceful world by ensuring every man, woman, and child has easy access to basic food, water, shelter, healthcare, and education as human rights.

This is how we create a new trickle-up economy utilizing the pay it forward philosophy. WWLDF inspires people to connect, share our unique visions and gifts, toward working and living together cooperatively.


Together, we will be recognized as a leader in social innovation by

. . . affirming the Global Humanity New Earth Declaration, recognizing Sustainability (Love) as the New Golden Rule;

. . . fostering self-empowerment by encouraging active giving and receiving through volunteerism and the gifting of tangible and non-tangible resources;

 . . . providing educational and inspirational multi-media content on the regenerative power of cooperation.

The What Would Love Do Foundation is committed to fiscally responsible management of its assets and resources. WWLDF aspires to provide support to those who wish to be the change through co-creative conscious community and sustainable societal structures.

  • WWLDF endeavors to move humanity beyond survivalism by establishing fair and easy access to Shelter, Food, Water, Healthcare, and Education as human rights.
  • WWLDF resources will provide training and grants for newly awakening leaders who are or wish to model Sustainability (Love) via the New Leadership Blueprint.
  • Through WWLDF, priority will be given to the development of Global Humanity Centers for Sustainability worldwide.

United, we create a New Earth mirroring natural design that supports the individual, the collective, and the planet:

▪ Eco-friendly, Self-Contained Housing
▪ Restoration of Natural Environment and Regenerative Agriculture
▪ Cutting Edge Holistic Mind/Body/Spirit Health Care
▪ Cooperative/Gift Economy
▪ Universal Mind/Body/Spirit Education