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MISSION STATEMENT: The What Would Love Do Foundation empowers creative people committed to being the change they wish to see in the world. In addition to educational content that teaches the value of working together cooperatively rather than through competition, Foundation programs work to support the Global Humanity Bill of Rights, calling for the establishment of fair and easy access to basic shelter, food, water, healthcare, and education as human rights as a basis toward creating a peaceful world.

The New Face of Giving™ ... YOU!

Giving is no longer about charity.  It's not about the "other guy," country, or even your wallet. The new face of giving is you—your time, your wisdom, your fresh insights, and materially—in service to humanity. It's really about YOU making an investment toward building a better world!  You've learned it's about being the change you wish to see in world, instead of expecting somebody else to do it for you. But not everyone wants to run a non-profit.

WWLDF gives money away as fast as we get it!  For, when we do, like a boomerang, it comes back around full circle. Mirroring nature, we fund at the grassroots level from within. Now  we create a   new  trickle-up  economy.  The

What Would Love Do Foundation is birthing a new reality on a grassroots level, creating self-sustainable heart-centered conscious community world- wide, online and on the ground, utilizing the pay it forward philosophy to relieve suffering and servitude. We inspire people to connect, share our unique visions and gifts, working and living together cooperatively as a basis for a peaceful world.

Together, we will be recognized as a leader in social innovation by
...providing educational and inspiration multi-media content on the restorative power of cooperation over competion;
...honoring and emulating the YES, LOVE CAN! Initiative's Global Humanity. Bill of Rights;

..fostering the expansion of unity consciousness by encouraging active service and participation through volunteerism.

The What Would Love Do Foundation is committed to fiscally responsible man- agement of its assets and resources, aspiring to provide support to those who wish to be the change through the co-creation of conscious community and sustainable social structures.

Our Values
The WWLDF endeavors to move humanity beyond survivalism by establishing fair and easy access to the human rights of:
Love Joy Peace Freedom Prosperity
Shelter Food Water Healthcare Education
Through WWLDF, priority will be given to educational content that generates awakening, provocative discussion, and calls to action:

▪ Eco-friendly, Self-Contained Housing
▪ Restoration of Natural Environment
    and Agriculture
▪ Cutting Edge Holistic Health Care
▪ Cooperative/Gift Economy
▪ Universal Mind/Body/Spirit Education
    Including Humanity's True Nature

Synchronistically, if you are reading this now, it is because it's time for you to discover your inner genius and fulfill your unique co-creative role.
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