What Would Love Do Foundation
Dayton, OH, USA (September 23, 2016)
Contact: William Metcalf
Email: admin(at)whatwouldlovedo.org

What Would Love Do Foundation Authors Human Rights Declaration

Global Humanity New Earth Declaration Recognizes New Era of Unity Consciousness

What Would Love Do Foundation co-founder, Christine Horner, has authored the Global Humanity New Earth Declaration in recognition of the early stages of humanity’s transition from separation to unity consciousness. What makes this document stand apart from previous declarations, treaties or charters is that it proposes a new era of cooperative and sustainable living that offers an end to human-created suffering so that every man, woman, and child have easy access to shelter, food, water, healthcare, and education.

“We are evolving to the realization that all life is interconnected and interdependent,” says 2014 Dayton Literary Peace Prize nominated author Christine Horner. “Just as competition would be destructive within your primary family unity, it’s created a loser for every winner within our global family. It’s time to end human exploitation. Working in harmony with an already abundant Earth is key so that all of humanity thrives rather than just a few at the expense of others.”

The Global Humanity New Earth Declaration’s official global launch is November 11, 2016. Visitors have an opportunity to receive free leadership e-books rooted in unity consciousness. There are free sponsorship opportunities for organizations who would like to support the initiative, or you may join the online community by affirming the declaration. For more information, please visit NewEarthDeclaration.com, GlobalHumanityBillofRights.com or WhatWouldLoveDo.org.

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